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I Really Love You
Underneath It All

I love making friends, so feel free to friend me! =) I love having fun and not taking things too seriously. I have a deep passion for fashion and music. / I'm in love with Gwen Stefani and everything that is associated with her. She is truly my idol. / This sound cliche, but them Jonas boys have done a lot for my life. If they become that small band playing at small venues because their fans ~grew up, I know I'll still be cheering them on! / I'm a Niley stan, so if you don't like that, then gtfo. They're meant to be ;) / And just to squeeze this in: Joseph and I are going to have babies one day. Bhahahaaaaa. Bye.

Thank you, Joe, for putting a smile on my face whether I need one or not. It's true.

I'm not making graphics anymore. I just sort of got bored making them, sorry guys. I occasionally edit some stuff and post them on my tumblr, so you should definitely follow me. <3

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